Sports Massage

There are three phases of a sports massage

Pre-Event: Helps energize the muscle tissue and gets the muscles ready for the workout. A lot of streching is used in the massage. It is extremely important to let the massage therapist know if you are going to workout immediately after the massage. A massage will affect your workout. The right massage at the right time is crucial.

Post-Event: A massage after the workout or sports event will not be done while the athele is still persiring or sweating. There needs to be a minimum of 20 minutes coll down time before massage. Following a workout or sports event, the muscles tissues are still in an "excited state" and must be calmed down moderately to avoid cramps or spasms. Streching and firm, but gentle, techniques are used in this phase of sports massage.

Maintenance: Used to address muscles-specific problems, rehabilitation and prevention work. This phase can range from light work to heavy work depending on the condition of the muscle tissue. You do not want structural changes while training for an event or in the days before the event. Your body has compensated for any imblaance and to make a structural change now would throw your stride off, which in turnwill throw your time off. You want healthy, functional muscles, but not major structural changes while in training.

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